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Heart opening food tours in Wadi Nisnas, Haifa

Wadi Nisnas is a magical place located in downtown Haifa.
The wadi (a valley in Arabic) is famous for its human fabric existence.
Christians, Muslims and Jews live together in good neighborly relations.
These are good people, people of peace, with an open heart.
About the tour – the tour is dedicated to food and people: aromas, flavors and interesting characters. There are great Shawarma stands, Falafel stands that are considered the best in the country, spices' stores with intoxicating aroma, fine butcher shops, bakeries, olive shops, shops of fruits and vegetables with lots of fresh greens, delis, pastries like knaffe and baklava, coffee shops that their aroma will fly you sky high, restaurants that serve authentic home cooking, and above all, good and generous people, who will welcome you wholeheartedly.
The tour is conducted leisurely and takes two and a half hours and then some. During the tour we meet the local people of the wadi, enjoy their warm and heartfelt reception, taste delicious things and hear stories that are related to food and the local scene.
This enjoyable and leisurely pace deriving from the human encounters and experience of tastes and smells, cause the heart to open and expand and to an experience of pleasure and joy.
About myself - In1986, I returned from India after living there for a year and a half.
I came back with a bag which was filled with kitchen utensils, spices, kinds of flour and all sorts of good things with intoxicating aromas and flavors.
Two years later I returned from Japan after living there for a year. I worked there as a vegetarian cook in a health spa. Once again, my bag was filled with cookware, knives, seaweeds, miso, and more.
I left behind the professional cook experience and headed towards various occupational areas until I reached this current stage - an actor, a drama teacher and a member of a playback theater group.
Still, there are not many things in life that make me feel vital, passionate and happy as a very, very tasty bite.
Oh, actually there is something that grants me, in addition to all mentioned above, the experience of transcendence as well - encounters with people.
Encounters where partitions are being evaporated and differences of culture, religion, nationality, background, language, color and so on, are being dissolved. What remain are only good human hearts meeting each other.
This for me is exaltation.
The Wadi Nisnas tour combines both of these areas that I love so much:
food and people.
I lead the tour as the colorful character of Chef-Goes-Market-Happy.
The chef is charismatic, passionate for tastes, smells and meaningful encounters with people. He is a good man, humane and a passionate for the heart's connections.
Beside culinary knowledge he has some considerable knowledge of genetic engineering and molecular biology, a bit of anatomy and physiology.
He loves playing with various musical instruments and loves to sing.
He also has basic knowledge in philosophy, pop psychology and an exceptional sense of humor.
This tour was created over the last few years and it is emanating from my love for people and food.
It is based on my personal relationships that were made between me and the people of the wadi and the wonderful energy that rest upon this place.
This is a heartfelt invitation to join me on this lovely tour and enjoy all the good that it is provides.

I will be very happy to accompany you on this wonderful journey.

For more infomation

Rani Amir | 050-8801163


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