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Heart opening food tours in Wadi Nisnas, Haifa

RanBalshuk - Tasting tour of coexistence and vegan Arab food

A tour that combines food, culture, mediation of worlds and bringing hearts together.

Wadi Nisnas is a place of coexistence.

The history of the Wadi in particular and of Haifa in general encompasses the end of Turkish rule, the beginning of the British Mandate, and the establishment of the state of Israel through a lens that reveals a stable and long-standing coexistence.

About the tour – the tour is dedicated to food and people: aromas, flavors and interesting characters. There are great Falafel stands that are considered the best in the country, spices' stores with intoxicating aroma, bakeries, olive shops, shops of fruits and vegetables with lots of fresh greens, delis, pastries like knaffe and baklava, coffee shops that their aroma will fly you sky high, restaurants that serve authentic home cooking, and above all, good and generous people, who will welcome you wholeheartedly.
The tour is conducted leisurely and takes two and a half hours and then some. During the tour we meet the local people of the wadi, enjoy their warm and heartfelt reception, taste delicious things and hear stories that are related to food and the local scene.
This enjoyable and leisurely pace deriving from the human encounters and experience of tastes and smells, cause the heart to open and expand and to an experience of pleasure and joy.
We live in a special time.
A time when our fragile reality requires support and stabilization
A time when we are shaping our image as a society that has many voices and colors.
A society in which different and diverse people live and work together.

The tour gives place to everyone and allows us to recognize the value of the other.
The experiential nature of the tour that combines historical and philosophical content, alongside tastings of delicious and homely local food, brings this essence of connection between us deep into the heart.

Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, right-wingers and left-wingers
Can live here together, in harmony, in friendship.
All it takes is to open the heart and remember the person within each and every one of us
יבורכו עושי השלום.jpg
קן לצפור הפיסטוק.jpg
When different and diverse come together
We can build the bridge and not fall over the gap
The connection is possible and can exist
And what we create will be.
זירו ווייסט.jpg
This tour was created over the last 13 years and it is emanating from my love for people and vegan food.
It is based on the personal relationships that were created between me and the people of the wadi
and my deep belief that each of us influences and can create a better reality
that everything is possible
And connection to meaningful action and pure pleasure can coexist in harmony

You are very welcome to join me on this very special tour 
בדוכן של סמירה סנא וסוהא.jpg
תמונה לדף הפייסבוק 2.jpg

I will be very happy to accompany you on this wonderful journey.


For more infomation

Rani Amir | 050-8801163


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